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SVIN is an avant-garde rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band has made their mark on the international music scene since debuting in 2011 with the album Heimat. SVIN creates pulsating abstract rock with layers of drone based folklore and ambient noise.

In 2018 SVIN released their 5th album, Virgin Cuts, which features music that drags the listener into a sonic loophole between noise-infested rock, drony landscapes, new age minimalism and dusty afro-tripping. Etheric chords from the keyboard merge with almost hip-hoppy drumbeats and psychedelic guitar patterns. Drawing on heavy inspirations from nature, folklore, ceremonial music and avant-garde, SVIN transcends the genre borders in music and continues to surprise listeners throughout the album.

SVIN has performed at festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Eurosonic and by:Larm and has during the recent years toured extensively all over Europe, Russia and the Balkans. Part of the programme “The Young Artistic Elite” from 2019 - 2021 supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Henrik Pultz Melbye: Sax/EWI/Clarinet/Keys

Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitars/Keys

Thomas Eiler: Drums


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The new album sees the band further pushing the envelope of just what they’re capable of, producing another enigmatic album experience that offers intense rushes and surprising calms.
— -Gareth Watkin, echoesanddust.com
SVIN at Radio FF stage (Sharpe Festival) was definitely one of the strongest concerts of the whole festival. Danish experimenters played a breathtaking concert.
— Musicpress.sk, Mária Lišková
They are an extremely powerful quartet, and with their latest album Virgin Cuts they are improvising more than ever before.
— Jens Trap, Spill Magazine
The thing I like most about SVIN is that, despite the passing of years since their first great album of 2011, with their releases, they have always gone towards an artistic crescendo.
I can guarantee that this album will become your next sound obsession.
— Bob Stoner, The Pit of the Damned
The music is magic — a repeating motif of clanging, chiming guitars and pounding percussion, punctuated by even more compulsive rhythmic patterns and the seething flow of poisonous riffs.
— No Clean Singing, USA



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