Photo by Filip Dybjerg
Photo by Filip Dybjerg
Photo by Filip Dybjerg


In working with their fourth studioalbum, SVIN have turned to Iceland to record at the legendary Sundlaugin Studio, established by Sigur Rós. SVIN are moving across the borderlands between abstract rock, drone-based folklore and ambient noise. Behind layers of polyrhytmic drums, floating keyboards, roaring saxophone and explosive guitar they have made room for airy, meditating melodies and circulating motifs.

Since the release of their debut Heimat in 2011, SECRETLY WE ARE GAY in 2013 and their latest selftitled album from 2014, SVIN have made a positive impression on the Danish and international music scene. Recent years they have been touring heavily, playing on festivals and clubs all over Europe and Russia.

SVIN is an unorthodox approach to instrumental music. They celebrate freedom in music and hails independence, love and limitless diversity in art!
The bands latest, self-titled critically acclaimed release presents 35 minutes of borderless uncompromised psychedelic cascades of sound and harvested massive worldwide media attention.

“The music is magic — a repeating motif of clanging, chiming guitars and pounding percussion, punctuated by even more compulsive rhythmic patterns and the seething flow of poisonous riffs.”
-No Clean Singing (USA)

“The new album ‘Svin’ sees the band offering up a phenomenal and unrelenting barrage of psychedelic experimental music, bordering the lines of post-rock and experimental jazz. Svin demonstrate wonderful musical technique on their latest effort, one that excites and sometimes confounds in oddly enjoyable ways.”
-The CD Critic (UK)  ★★★★☆


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